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today I want to blogs

Saturday, 18. June 2011

Fashion Law 101: Lifestyle Brands

By yyzx, 08:40

You have heard the terms brand building and lifestyle brands on this Blog.  You may be asking yourself, what exactly is Staci talking about and why should my Fashion Company care? 

Let's discuss one at a time.

 A lifestyle brand is one that permeates into all aspects of a person's life.  A lifestyle brand expands from one category of items, like clothes, and manages to become important in all aspects of your target customer's life. 

In other words, you can find a products from a lifestyle brand in all rooms of your house or its products enjoyed by a wide cross section of the public.

Fashion examples include Tommy Bahama, Tommy Hilfiger, Martha Stuart, Donna Karan, just to name a few.  Celebrity examples include Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, & Sean Combs.  Harley Davidson and Nike are others.

Sounds good right? 

So how do you turn your Fashion Company from a one hit wonder into an orchestra?  Check back tomorrow, when I'll address brand building.


Sidney Lumet's Best Films

By yyzx, 08:39
Director Sidney Lumet, who passed away April 9 at the age of 86, may not have been a "name" director like Steven Spielberg or Alfred Hitchcock (at least not to the general public), but you certainly know the names of his films.

From 1957's '12 Angry Men,' to 'Dog Day Afternoon,' 'Serpico' and 'Network' in the '70s and 'The Verdict' in 1982, Lumet's movies were searing documents that questioned the social issues of their day. Far from being dated, his movies from each era remain as fresh and as relevant as ever.

(Just go on Youtube to see how many fan mash-ups there are of 'Network's cautionary message about over-reliance on spoon-fed media.)

His movies featured towering performances from Al Pacino, Henry Fonda and Paul Newman, ones that are still considered among their finest work.

Fashion Click Look of the Day: Melanie is a Bohemian Beauty

By yyzx, 08:39
WORE: Floral top, turquoise denim shorts, and a butterfly ring from Forever 21, straw hat from H&M, chalk suede wedges by Jeffrey Campbell, pocket watch necklace from Urban Outfitters.

WHY WE LOVE THE LOOK: This floppy straw hat and flowy floral top give Melanie's get-up an ethereal, boho chic vibe. Her bright denim bottoms and adorable suede wedges complete this cool summer look.

Love Melanie’s outfit?
Check out today's top outfits from our favorite personal-style bloggers around the globe now on Teen Vogue's Fashion Click.

Column Wedding Dresses

By yyzx, 08:38

As we all know, wedding is a solemn and memorable moment in life. Each bride makes up cannily and dresses in beautiful wedding dress as she wants her Mr Right and guests to see her best. What is the most beautiful wedding dress? Without doubt, the answer is column wedding dresses.
Column wedding dresses are liked by so many brides because they are really pretty. When you see them, you can’t help loving them. They are designed based on brides’ body shape. If you want to show your perfect curve, column wedding dress will be your prior choice.

In general, the wedding dress is often made of satin, chiffon or organza. They are all the first-class material. When you touch them, you will feel so soft. I’m sure dressing in a column wedding dress you can devote yourself to your wedding day. Column wedding dresses are in different styles. Anyway, no matter what kind of wedding dresses you choose, you should make sure that you will feel happy about it when wearing it on the wedding ceremony.

If you have no idea about the wedding dresses, why not try column wedding dresses? They will not make you feel regretful, because they are all in excellent quality and attractive design. Brides, don’t hesitate to choose column wedding dress. Trust them and trust yourself. Wish your best wedding!

Fashion Handbags – A broad Assortment to select From

By yyzx, 08:37

No woman’s outfit is complete without any a style bag. Handbags are these times an integral element of women’s fashion. They are accessible in assorted forms, styles, sizes and colours to meet completely different occasions. for just about any casual outing to some friend’s home or to the grocery store shop, for an evening celebration or to some wedding, for every individual day time hold out purpose, there may be considered a handbag that meet just about every woman’ s style, age and purpose.

Types and components of Ladies Bags

There are different sorts of style handbags such as the shoulder bag, tote, clutch, pouch, purse, backpack, sling bag, seaside bags, bridal bag, luggage bags etc. Depending inside the occasions and purpose, you can choose your hand bag. produced from broad range of components like leather, suede, silk, satin, velvet, denim, canvas, jute etc., there may be considered a broad choice to select from.

Styles Available

Styles accessible in handbags are broad and varied.

There can be the under-the shoulder-handbags that are small sized bags which could be carried beneath the shoulder, getting merely a tiny string linked to it. this type of bags show sophistication and class. A expert girls or somebody of huge stature would choose this design of handbag.
There are big, greater than sized, bulky bags which could be usually carried in the youthful crowd for college on the way and shopping. They are usually the tote bags or seaside bags. They are employed by girls who need lots of space to hold whole lot different stuff like books, towels, cosmetics with one another with other stuff. These bags show a quite casual appear and need lower-maintenance. perfect for every individual day time activities.
Well, just about every female consists of a craze to the custom made bags. Handbags by huge intercontinental custom made sellers are flooding the market. No doubt they are expensive. These bags are linked to high-maintenance, extremely self-confident females who need best using the collection accessories, who are ready to devote a massive chunk of cash for custom made labels and will settle for completely nothing less.
What concerning the replica bags? For people that cannot afford to select custom made stuff can nonetheless fulfill their need of the donning a custom made name by opting for replica bags. They appear just the genuine plus they are cheap.
Another design that is well-known may be the cigar box purses. they are exceptional pieces and girls who hold these purses stand out by means of the crowd.
The most common type of bag may be the leather-based handbags. It is quite important that just about every girls really should have few of leather-based bags of neutral colours like black, white, lotion and brown as they go with all colours and dresses. With lots of buckles and zippers with one another with other fancy include ons, these leather-based bags unleash the wild facet of the woman.

Play With Colors

The vibrant colored handbags show the fun, friendly and approachable character of the woman. They are carried by out-going youthful woman. The neutral colours like dark and brown are quite formal colors, wanted by girls who are soft, silent and reserved, providing a quite stylish look.


Handbags are these times a symbolic representation of design and self-identification. They are equally stylish and functional. From useful to flamboyant, from casual to formal, you can uncover a stylish bag that fits just about every outfit or mood.